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Google, 4.8
Trustpilot, 4.6
Website, 4.7
The course was presented in a way that was easy to access and understand. What really stood out to me were the informative tools that were provided to help make my skills and work easier, more professional, and stand out from others. These tools were incredibly helpful and I was able to apply them to my work immediately.

Excellent Experience!

David Rodrigues

At first I was a bit worried that having to remember the different shortcut keys, would slow down my progress. However, after applying them to the exercises a few times, I now try to do the case studies on my own first, then watch the videos to see if my approach makes sense.

Makes sense!

Ikmareka Hunt

I love that it's interactive I learn best when I am doing the work not just watching. The instructors answer your questions so quickly. Better than LinkedIn courses by a long shot.

I love that it's interactive

Ashley Thompson

The online Power BI course exceeded my expectations with its comprehensive content and expert instruction. Highly recommended for anyone looking to master Power BI skills. The course platform is better experienced on a laptop than an iPad.

Exceeded my expectations

Khin Yaminn

As an investment club president, I wholeheartedly recommend the Finance & Valuation Module for people who want to develop their technical finance skills. The digestible lessons, straightforward content, and hands-on walkthroughs helped our new members secure finance internships as freshmen.

Exceptional Training Solution!

Michael Penna

"The lessons are structured, clear, and concise. They even have downloadable files that you can practice on! When you complete the courses, you can add them easily to your LinkedIn and reap the benefits! In addition, the team is quick to respond and happy to help."

Extremely Impressed

Josh McDonald

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All Access Annual Subscription

Join our all-access subscription program to gain access to our full collection of business and finance training materials.
5 hours

Outlook for Business & Finance

Learn to effectively manage your work communications with Outlook features such as email, calendar, and a to-do list.
7 hours

Word For Business & Finance

Create professional business reports and business documents in Microsoft Word with industry best practices.
9 hours

PowerPoint for Business & Finance

Build professional PowerPoint pitch decks, presentations, and more using industry best practices.
15 hours

VBA & Macros for Business Automation

Master Excel VBA & Macros to automate repetitive tasks, generate custom functions, and run complex operations.
13 hours

Financial Accounting Essentials

Learn the fundamentals of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and financial statement analysis.
14 hours

Power BI for Business Analytics

Master Power BI, the leading business intelligence tool to transform, analyze and visualize data.
15 hours

LBO Modeling & Private Equity

Learn the PE industry insights and the LBO modeling skills to drive your private equity or investment banking career.
15 hours

The Complete Finance & Valuation Course

Master the fundamentals of finance, valuation, financial modeling, and more!
14 hours

Excel for Business & Finance

Learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel from business and finance industry professionals.