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Upskill your team with comprehensive lessons, real-life case studies, certifications and more.

As an investment club president, I wholeheartedly recommend the Finance & Valuation Module for people who want to develop their technical finance skills. The digestible lessons, straightforward content, and hands-on walkthroughs helped our new members secure finance internships as freshmen.
Michael Penna
Kenji & Michael's teachings are practical and focus almost entirely on giving the student the tools they need to succeed in real life business and finance scenarios.
Yakuphan Alptekin
This course managed to reactivate the knowledge from my university studies 15 years ago and, above all, helped to translate it into a practical context.
Marco Horn
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Our offerings

We train your team to become more productive and capable at work, ultimately leading to better results for your company. Our content includes self-paced lessons, downloadable templates, PDF guides and more. Using our teaching style, teams learn the theory, followed by practical exercises that replicate the type of work they may encounter in their day-to-day life.

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Downloadable Templates, Guides, and Resources

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Our courses

What we teach

Data Visualization

Make professional charts, visuals, and dashboards

Financial Modelling

Build industry-standard valuation models on Excel

Slide Design

Design professional PowerPoint slides using custom themes

Financial Accounting

Learn to record transactions and build the three main financial statements


Learn all the shortcuts, tips, and tricks to become a power user

Data Analysis

Clean up, analyze, and present insightful findings

100+ hours

All Access Course Bundle

Get unlimited access to all our courses for a discounted price.
5 hours

Outlook for Business & Finance

Learn to effectively manage your work communications with Outlook features such as email, calendar, and a to-do list.
7 hours

Word For Business & Finance

Create professional business reports and business documents in Microsoft Word with industry best practices.
9 hours

PowerPoint for Business & Finance

Build professional PowerPoint pitch decks, presentations, and more using industry best practices.
15 hours

VBA & Macros for Business Automation

Master Excel VBA & Macros to automate repetitive tasks, generate custom functions, and run complex operations.
8 hours

Recruiting for Business & Finance Roles

Learn all the networking, application, and interview essentials to stand out and break into your dream role.
13 hours

Financial Accounting Essentials

Learn the fundamentals of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and financial statement analysis.
15 hours

LBO Modeling & Private Equity

Learn the PE industry insights and the LBO modeling skills to drive your private equity or investment banking career.
14 hours

Power BI for Business Analytics

Master Power BI, the leading business intelligence tool to transform, analyze and visualize data.
14 hours

SQL for Business Analytics

Learn this in-demand database management language to extract, transform, and analyze databases with precision.
13 hours

Mergers & Acquisitions Modeling

Learn to make merger models exactly like an investment banker would using real companies to measure the accretion / dilution of a deal.
15 hours

The Complete Finance & Valuation Course

Master the fundamentals of finance, valuation, financial modeling, and more!
14 hours

Excel for Business & Finance

Learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel from business and finance industry professionals.


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We offer live training sessions on a case-by-case basis. Send in an inquiry
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Starting at $99 / user
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